Food Patagonia has a capacity of 500 tons of cold storage, sanitary resolution and PAC certification allows us to store any product destined for the world market.


Our Cold Store features:


  • Fast accessibility: We are located on Route V-85 KM 14. Just 5 minutes from the city of Calbuco. A 2 KM crossing linking Chinquihue with Calbuco (Camino Huelmo). 35 km from Puerto Montt. Optimo truck coming from Chiloé. Facade to the road.

  • Capacity: 500 tons of cold.

  • Temperature control system.

  • Automated stock control entry and exit of product.

  • Cargo insurance and facilities.

  • Generator in case of power outage.

  • Offices available for staff who want to put our customers in our facilities.

  • Security: Guard 7 days a week, cameras, alarms.

  • A full professional team from administrative staff working in the refrigerator. A committed and present management field with what happens every day.



cold store

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